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Fragaria White Tamjanika

Fragaria White Tamjanika


Harvest: September 2019, 2020

Location: Vineyards of Aleksandrovac Serbia

Composition: Incense

Maturation: stainless steel barrel

About wine: U Fragaria winery makes wine from the indigenous variety of incense. Wine is a sumptuous bouquet of extremely pleasant aromas. It smells of incense, basil, nutmeg, tropical fruit with herbal tones.

Our recommendation: When arranging food, special care should be taken about fruit-herbal taste of Incense, they are fine fit with fish, chicken or turkey with herbs, cows i goats cheeses more neutral type, fried zucchini, grilled tomato or eggplant with parmesan, grilled asparagus with lemon, olive oil and feta cheese, tomato tart with basil, smoked seafood, fried squid, mussels…

Serving: Serve at a temperature of 12 ° C

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