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Boutique Winery Fragaria is a small, family-owned winery opened in 2014. It is located in the heart of vineyards, in the field Lukarevina near Aleksandrovac. Fragaria winery was named after the Latin name for Jagoda (engl. strawberry) - a rare indigenous wine variety. Jagoda is considered an old, almost extinct variety that was brought to this area from France, and was brought back from oblivion by winemaker Kosta Botunjac. It is with this almost forgotten variety that the renovation of vineyards, that have been in the Vujić family for over 200 years, has begun.  




Our winery and vineyards are located in the Lukarevina field, a field that is traditionally called the port of the winds. It is known that the population has been engaged in viticulture for centuries, so in the past, winegrowers came from the surrounding areas during the harvest and work. At that time, they temporarily lived in houses in the fields and would bring the necessary utensils from their remote villages, which would be returned when the harvest was over. After the period of harvests and works, the fields would become deserted. Today, those fields are mostly abandoned and, precisely, one such house is owned by the Vujić family and is the logo of the Fragaria winery. The house is a memory of some ancient times and represents a tradition preserved over many years.​




Fragaria Winery and its vineyards are located in the Lukarevina field in central Serbia, surrounded by the mountains Kopaonik (2017 m), Željin (1785 m), Goč (1123 m) and Jastrebac (1494 m). It is a region with a mild microclimate, where temperatures rarely fall below -10 °C, in a protected area that is not penetrated by frosts or cold winds in winter. The parish is a real small wine oasis where authentic varieties of Prokupac and incense grapes have been preserved, and in addition to them, international varieties such as Rhine Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay can also be found in vineyards. 

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