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Tastings are held with prior notice and agreed date by sending an inquiry form or an E-mail:

Minimum 4 people, max 25 people.

It is possible to arrange a tasting held in English or German.

Magic in the heart of the vineyard

Getting to the field is not easy, but for cheerful people and lovers of fine wine, it is no problem! A special pleasure is the landscape that surrounds the winery, the interior and exterior of the winery hint a family note, followed by a great food and wine.


Boban and Saša, a married couple from Sarajevo, who have renovated the family vineyards, will take you through their modernly equipped boutique winery, located in the heart of the vineyards. You have the opportunity to see how the winery produces a limited amount of red wine that ferments and matures in a traditional way. This wine has also received recognition - gold award at the AWC Vienna competition. You will also get acquainted with the modern technology of wine production in a family-owned winery which, with a dedicated team of people and their caring love for every vine and every bottle, creates a high-quality wine.


After sightseeing, there is a tasting in the tasting room with a view to the vineyards.

During the tasting, you will discover the wines of the Fragaria winery, but you will also learn more about their approach to the grapes, vineyard and winery management, vinification and wine aging processes.


Try, discover and enjoy our wines Tamjanika, Sauvignon Blanc, Votaži, Fragaria RED limited edition, as well as Jagoda and Fragolina with snacks and food that will be prepared from groceries from local farms and small local producers.


2,500 dinars / person, duration 1 hour

Tasting of 3 wines. The tasting of each type of wine will be accompanied by a presentation about the wine type, characteristics, flavours and aromas (note: minimum 4 people).

Served food: snacks or crackers


3,000 dinars / person, duration 1.5-2 hours

Tasting of 2 wines with a view of the vineyards from the tasting room. The tasting of each type of wine was accompanied by a presentation on the type, characteristics, flavors and aromas (note: minimum 5 people).


Aperitif - welcome with a glass of Fragrappa brandy

Wine tasting is complemented by special flavors, with attention to balancing the tastes of food and wine. 


4,500 dinars / person, duration 2-2.5 hours

Fun and educational tour of the cellar and winery with tasting of 4 wines in the tasting room overlooking the vineyards. The tasting of each type of wine will be accompanied by a presentation on the type, characteristics, flavours and aromas (note: minimum 5 people).


Aperitive - a welcome glass of Fragrappa brandy



Each wine is accompanied by specially prepared dish, with special attention paid to the quality of pairing food and wine. 


Upon request

We recommend this program to wine story lovers and guests who want to get to know the history of the Lukarevina meadow in addition to the wine tasting. We can organize a vineyards visit, or various wine events for up to 25 people (note: if necessary, a projector and screen for presentations, team buildings, etc. are available to be used). Price and duration by agreement.

To schedule a tasting, fill out the inquiry form:
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