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Fragaria White



Fragaria White Frankincense

Harvest : September 2019

Location:  Vineyards "Bela Zemlja"

Composition : Tamjanika

Aging : inox barrels

About the wine : At the Fragaria winery, wine is made from the autochthonous variety of frankincense. The wine is a luxurious bouquet with an extremely pleasant aroma. It smells like incense, basil, nutmeg, tropical fruits with herbal tones. 

Our recommendation : When pairing with food, special attention should be paid to the fruity-herbal taste of Tamarind, debb79b389b38c7-49b3-501debro se_ 136bad5cf58d_uklopa uz ribu, piletinu ili ćuretinu sa začinskim biljem, kravljim i kozjim_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_sirevima of a more neutral type, fried zucchini, grilled tomatoes or eggplant with parmesan, grilled asparagus with lemon, olive oil and feta cheese, tomato tart with basil, smoked seafood, fried squid, mussels...

Serving : Served at a temperature of 12 °C

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